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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nike Air Jordan True Blue III Retro 2011

On June 6, 2011 the Nike Air Jordan True Blue III Retro 2011 will be releasing in stores as a General Release. These are not limited or exclusive but have a heavy follwing and are highly sought after by true Jordan enthusiasts and Sneaker Freaks! They will be retailing for $150+tax and should be available at all minor and major retailers.

Looking back to the Jordan Cement III's released earlier this year, It looks like while it may not initially be hard to get the Jordan True Blue's in stores, once they're gone there's no telling when they will be released again. I would imagine a lot of people grabbing multiple pairs for their collection. These will eventually sell out and Sole'd Out Kicks already has a few pairs for resale. While I encourage everyone to try and score them on Release Day, there may be a big turn out for these. Niketown is releasing them first come, first serve and also wishing their customers "good luck" as they are probably expecting not a camp out but a huge turn out.

The Air Jordan Cement III's, Air Jordan Playoff 13's and Air Jordan Bordeaux 7's were all General Releases but you can't find an adult sized pair for retail anywhere as of today! Flight club already has the True Blue's available early for $265-$275. I expect the price to drop for the first week of release, as they will be in retail stores, but as they slowly become scarce, like any Jordan sneaker they will increase in value.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Air Jordan VII "Year Of The Rabbit" Releases on May 7, 2011

Super limited and super hyped, the Air Jordan "Year Of The Rabbit" VII's are finally dropping on May 7, 2011 at selected retailers. Very similar to the Hare VII's, the only thing that seperates these are the gold accents. The gold laces and Jordan jumpman symbolizes 4 cycles of the year of the rabbit. The red and gold are supposed to be "lucky colors" and believed to bring wealth and fortune. The gold accents on these exclusive and rare "hare" look-a-likes also have a special meaning – according to Chinese Zodiac, Michael Jordan‘s birth year of 1963 was also “year of the rabbit”. They retail for $160 so don't get caught out there for $300+ unless you miss out on release date.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome to the Sole'd Out Kicks blog!

Welcome to the birth of the Sole'd Out empire! I've been buying and collecting Jordan sneakers for nearly 12 years and now it has recently turned into a business! It all started with the release of the Exclusive Jordan XX3 Titanium's. That was one of the craziest and hyped up Jordan releases ever. I camped for hours for those sneakers.

I eventually parted with those sneakers at the comfortable price of $1530 shipped. The buyer was BEYOND happy. It wasn't the amount of money which made me want to open a website and business, it was the fact that I would be able to provide people with something they couldn't get on their own. The feeling of being that "go to" guy. This guy lived in some crazy state somewhere, I don't remember, but the availability of those Jordan sneakers were so low in his area that he had no chance of getting them. I had over 100+ positive feedback on eBay until they suspended my account because I was making too much money. They started to question the authenticity of my merchandise and it just totally turned me away from them. So now I'm doing my own thing. ...but let's go back even further than that, though. Back in the late 80's when Jordan came out and finally started dominating in the NBA, he got his Nike deal and it all REALLY started. My parents were the type to give me a $60 limit when it was time to get new sneakers and it scarred me for life. I never had one pair of Jordan sneakers and had to watch the rest of my peers sport the crazy Tinker designs as well as other hot Nike models that were a little above our budget. So when i turned 18 and began to start making my own money I started reliving my missed childhood wishes of sporting the sick Jay's. :) I started grabbing everything I could. Flint XV's, Navy XVI's, Mocha III's, Cool Grey IV's, Snakeskin XI's, Carolina VI's or whatever I could get my hands on. I still have those sneakers until this very day...